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There has always been a hot debate whether a hand-built internet site is inherently better than a theme or template. While a custom built site may seem ideal for most companies, there are many reasons a template would be a better option. As with any business venture, there are factors to take into consideration. The actual art of designing an aesthetically pleasing page is not as easy task as it may seem, and could actually become overwhelming without proper preparation. A template allows an owner to focus on content rather than design aspects.

Time is another major factor when going live on the internet. Recoding a task that has been replicated multiple times in the past is simply a waste of time and resources. Templates ease the workload involved with the technical aspect of the web while allowing the end-user to customize the details that matter, content, color and creativity in a much smaller time frame.

Templates also offer a launching point to see how your potential site might look like before you commit to a design. Previews offer a first look at the final product before implementation. This also allows a person to get an idea of what designs might work rather than beginning the venture with a blank page. While both vital and necessary, the programming behind the scene is a tedious task. Templates are simply the blueprint to the finished product.

Above all, the most important aspect is a matter of costs. A typical homepage takes days, possibly weeks to design, code, test and implement. Hiring a staff proficient enough to realize these goals will run into thousands of dollars before the site even goes live. Outsourcing the bulk of the task takes the majority of the dedicated labor out of the equation at an affordable price.

The decision to hire a developer versus using a template may seem daunting, however template developers found here at CSS Depot have become adept at coding high-quality originals at an affordable price allowing you to bring your page to life in a timely manner.